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Scott’s Stroke Recovery

I need to share with you the journey of my husband Scott. He had a brain tumor located on top of his brain stem. While in surgery he had a stroke. After 7 days he had no movement and no signs of waking. I was taken into a small room and was told to make plans for ending Scott’s life, because if he lived I would basically be torturing my husband for the rest of his life. I had been counseled not to make any decision for 10 days. On day 9, on command my husband moved his thumb not once, but 3 times in a row. When he woke, I was told he would be in a head-support wheel-chair for life. We arrived home from Loma Linda rehab about three months later, in April, and my husband couldn’t walk, feed, clean, or maintain himself.

When I met Dr. Hogue over the phone, he shared with me amazing stories of how he’s helped others. He told me about the “Neuro trick” and how it helped his grandfather. The day after bringing Scott home,I bought a long, light-weight mirror. Scott did all the exercises Dr. Hogue taught him to do using the mirror. When we removed the mirror and started working on his right side, we were shocked with the improvements we saw!!!! We used [essential] oils at the beginning and then started using the ointment made by Dr. Hogue. I was shocked how just a little treatment and ointment could change someone so much! Here in December Scott can walk, talk and do so many things.

On one of our visits with Scott’s physical therapist, he said he had read through Scott’s paperwork. He noted that after Scott’s release from Loma Linda rehab there was a huge change in just two weeks of home health care. When he asked what we had been doing, I told him about Dr. Hogue. He had never heard of the “Neuro trick” and wanted to know more about it.

The therapist’s wife had a stroke 5 years earlier and continues to struggle. I told him everything we did and he is going to try the treatment. He shared that doctors will tell you if you don’t get your movement back within 6 months you will never have it. He said he knows that’s wrong, because he’s seen many changes in his wife and sees great changes in Scott.

Thank you Dr. Hogue for reaching out and helping my husband. We continue to work on Scott’s memory but his physical body is so much better. You would have no clue he ever had a stroke! No walker or cane! If you have ideas for memory I would love to hear them!!!!! Thank you!



Scott's Journey, 18 months later:

He remembered something from 5 days ago! His memory is coming back! He only has a few more days with Dr. Hogue in Brigham City and then his Sister Christi will drive him half way home to St. George. My mom and our Friend Sandra will drive home the rest of the way. 6 weeks have flown and crawled by! We have seen many changes and what I would call an awakening for Scott. Many blessings through this whole adventure.


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