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Grateful for Fathers Stroke Recovery

My father was paralyzed on half his body from a stroke he had had 12 years previously before he and my mother came to live with me.

I wasn’t really expecting him to recover further from the stroke because of its severity, and also because I had taken him to some of the best doctors in my area. They had already helped him significantly in terms of discovering a serious case of celiac.

Dr. Hogue entered the picture at this point and shocked both mom and me by restoring his movement in the “bad” arm after one very short treatment. When we said “WOW!”, he said that’s nothing, we'll keep working on it. And, with continued treatment from Dr. Hogue, Dad did regain the use of the entire side of his body (although he still needed support in varying degrees).

What is even more amazing, Dad not only regained his movement, he also became “himself”. He got to enjoy his life and his health, and we, his family, got to enjoy our relationship in a way I never hoped for or expected.

I am so very grateful to Dr. Hogue for giving me that time with my Dad.



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