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Dr. Hogue has been working with my 9-year old twin sons, Scott and Shawn. The two of them are both in special needs classes at school. They have always had a special relationship with each other. They can understand each other just fine, but the problem is that no one else can. Plus, their behavior can be very bizarre and erratic. Like, when they wake up each morning, they just start making these really odd sounds and slapping each other. It’s really weird!

I didn’t realize how much Dr. Hogue’s work was helping, until the parent teacher conference yesterday. They both have the same teacher, and the first thing she said to me was: “What did you do to your sons?!” She wanted to know if anything had changed at home. I told her about the work they had been doing with Dr. Hogue, and she responded with something very similar to this:

“Whatever you’re doing, it’s working! These are not the same kids I have been teaching all year. They are like completely different children! There used to be serious behavior issues. Now, they just sit quietly at their desks and pay attention to what I’m teaching. They have started to ask intelligent questions during class sometimes, and performance on homework and tests is now exceptional. It’s like these are not even the same kids in my classroom.”

As a mother, you live with your family and don’t always realize there has been a change. But now I see it! The teacher had to point it out to me, but I can see clearly that my sons are behaving better and also have started to become interested in their education. In fact, the other day when they got home from school, Scott sat down at the table, opened his backpack, and started reading a textbook. His father asked, “Scott, what are you doing?” He said, “I’m reading”. “Why,” he asked. “Because it seems interesting.” He then said loudly, “What happened to my son!?”

These changes, this work, mean so much! Thank you!


Spanish Fork, UT

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