Overcome Anxiety Program

How much anxiety have you struggled with in the last year? If you don't absolutely love the answer to that question, Overcoming Anxiety is for you.

This program is designed for people ready for big changes in their life.

Join OAP and receive the tools to turn your life in a new direction.

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?
If you feel stuck in your anxiety, watch this webinar to learn about the program created for you.

What You Get With the Overcoming Anxiety Program

When you join OAP, you get access to the tools you need to begin making changes right away.

This includes access to monthly training videos with replays, a private slack channel, and live seminars with demonstrations, applications, and Q&A.

This alone is a substantial value compared to your monthly cost. But you'll get even more.

You'll learn how to reBuild the connections in your brain, so that it can function at its optimum capacity all the time.

At this point, your brain will give you a more balanced, peaceful, and accurate outlook on life. You will experience joy and peace because you have improved in your capability.


If you're ready to end your tendency toward unwanted anxiety, stress, and depression, you're in the right place.

OAP is the solution for you if you've tried all the self-help tools, used the conventional medical model to get help, or tried alternative healthcare providers. If you're ready to finally make real change, this program is unlike anything you've ever tried before.

The monthly payment is $50. You won't find such a highly-effective solution for this problem, for a price this low, anywhere else in the world.



I got better and had actually stopped doing your exercises for a long time. I had been doing better, but recently started to experience anxiety and depression again. At one point I found myself in a full fit of mania and rage. I prayed for help, and the tought came into my mind that I should try one of the brain exercises you gave me. As I began doing the exercise the anxiety and depression left me instantly. This was a powerful witness that your exercises really work!

-Tanya, Idaho


I have struggled with depression and anxiety for years. I've actively searched for solutions and tried many things to overcome it. I asked Dr. Hogue for help when I was experiencing postpartum depression after my fourth child was born. I was desperate for some relief. He gave me a simple exercise to do and after 20 minuets, I felt “calm and peaceful”. It was a night and day experience!

As I consistently did this exercise everyday, the depression faded away. I felt emotionally stable again. I no longer felt like I had severe depression and anxiety. An added bonus was I even slept great and woke up feeling recharged and energized. I still struggle at times, but now it's something I know how to manage on my own and overcome. Thank you Dr. Hogue!

-Stacie, Utah


I was so burdened by my relationship with my husband. I am a fighter, but this experience was getting me down. I don't know if I'm going to be able to change my circumstances, but the exercises you gave me really helped. Instead of feeling upset and totally out of control, I felt peaceful and collected and I knew everything would turn out okay for me. I'm in a very stable place right now. Without these exercises, I would not have been able to tell you this.

-Krissie, Southern California


The length of the content is 12 months, with new information presented each month. The information is presented in a format that is intended to be immediately usable. Cancel any time.


It is estimated that you will need approximately 2 to 4 hours per week.


The brain's environment, Brain requirements, Receptors and how to activate them, Thoughts, Significant pathways in the brain, Brain regions and functions, Testing the brain, Reflexes, Creating a therapy plan, Testing your therapy plan, and more...


We do not offer trial memberships, but you may cancel your membership at any time.


Yes! You will learn to improve the overall functioning of your brain. This will help your anxiety, and will also improve many other things too (focus, energy, emotional control, etc...)


You will learn how to rebuild the connections in your brain. With these new connections, your brain will function in a better way. After that, the only way to lose these improvements is if you injure your brain or expose it to toxins. In other words, the changes are considered relatively permanent.


Bio feedback and neurofeedback are promising fields, but OAP doesn't use these in any way.


Changing your thoughts may be a very important part of overcoming your anxiety, and it certainly is covered. However, the primary focus is teaching you how to rebuild the connections in your brain so that your brain stops creating anxiety for you.