What I Do

I am a functional neurologist, and am also trained in functional medicine, herbal medicine, and postural alignment therapy – which may seem similar to physical therapy. As a functional neurologist, I help people improve the functions of their brain and body. This may be something as simple as helping a client improve their balance, or heal so they can not have pain somewhere in their body.

For example, James, a triathlete, was having severe back pain and had to stop swimming due to shoulder pain. After three weeks of therapy he is able to swim without pain and now gets out of bed and functions normally without back or shoulder pain. The shoulder pain is an issue that started over 2 years ago. James has been to multiple doctors about his shoulder and back and was consistently given anti inflammatory drugs, and painkillers – which only make the problem worse in the long run. Working with me for just a few weeks he not only improved brain functionality, but learned tools which will help him avoid having these problems for the rest of his life.

What I do is different from physical therapy, chiropractic work, or traditional medicine, in that I work with clients to address the root of their problem by strengthening neural connections in their brain, while also working to overcome any barrier to optimal human functioning. This helps with not only physiological issues, but also mental issues like stress, anxiety, depression, cognitive functionality etc…

A couple examples of improving cognitive function: click the link to read Christopher’s story or Scott’s story.

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