Meet Dr. Hogue

Meet Dr. Hogue

As a preteen, Michael Hogue survived a very serious accident in which a commercial truck moving faster fifty miles an hour hit him as he was running across the street. He flew a hundred and twenty five feet down the road and landed on his head. He was expected not to live. Since that time, Michael has been actively searching for solutions to pain and suffering and impaired bodily function and has been instrumental in helping people with a wide variety of so-called unfixable conditions.

Michael has been helping people with health and wellness since 1994 with initial training in nutrition, gastrointestinal physiology, foot reflexology, herbal medicine, and aromatherapy. He later attended chiropractic school, graduated postdoctoral from a two year program in clinical neuroscience and completed two more years of postgraduate education at the Harvard University extension school where he integrated computer science with neuroscience.

Dr. Hogue currently practices functional neurology and functional medicine in Twin Falls, Idaho.

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