Immune Function

Immune Function

The immune system is responsible for much more than just fighting off viruses and bacteria. Environmental and food allergies are both responses of the immune system. Asthma, eczema, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, IBS, Celiac, and Hay fever are some types of immune system diseases.

What does this have to do with Brain reBuilder?

The connections between the brain and immune system are complex and inter-related. We have found that excess stress has a negative effect on our ability to fight off disease, but this is only the beginning. Research shows that weaker left hemisphere function is linked to poorer immune function. Further, a dominant right frontal hemisphere is often correlated with immune system diseases. Balancing the brain through stimulation may prevent, and in some cases treat these conditions.

It is important to treat immunological disorders not only to improve immune function and thereby improve your way of life, but also to improve your mental health. The response of the immune system immediately leads to inflammation in the body. Inflammation, particularly in the gut, results in poorer immune function as well as neurodegenerative-neuroplasticity in the enteric nervous system. This means that by reducing inflammation we increase neuroplasticity, which increases the ability of the brain and nervous system to heal and create new connections. Conversely, if we don’t reduce inflammation by treating immunological disorders and allergies then neuroplasticity continues to decrease. For this reason, Brain reBuilder is helpful for increasing immune function as well as preventing damage to the immune system and entire enteric nervous system.

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