What is Brain reBuilder?

Brain reBuilder is a thoroughly researched program which teaches you how to train and exercise your brain to overcome any imbalance or miswiring which is leading to negative health and lifestyle consequences.

How do you help fix my brain?

Brain reBuilder is unlike any other program, because it relies on teaching. Brain reBuilder doesn’t fix your brain, it offers you techniques to train your brain to fix itself! Because you are taught routines to do at home, it is easy to follow-up with care and obtain long-lasting, often permanent, results.

How long is the program?

Many people start seeing results immediately. Each brain requires a different amount of work, and some are able to rebuild faster than others. The program is individually tailored to your unique set of challenges and abilities. An assessment will help you get a better understanding of your brain, it’s needs, and how long treatment will take. To schedule an assessment, give us a call, or complete our form here and we will reach out to you.

Are the changes permanent?

The changes to the brain are permanent, but there is a natural process of aging which affects everyone. There is also a chance of getting into an accident, or in some other way re-injuring yourself.

Do you accept insurance?

Brain reBuilder is not a medical program. It does not treat patients through means such as pharmaceutical drugs, or physical therapy. As a functional neuroscientist, Dr. Hogue studies and treats the brain directly and is unable to accept insurance.

Can I do the program from home?

Much of this program can be done from home. However, due to the need for an accurate assessment of your condition and its appropriate treatment plan, the initial consultation must occur in person. Follow-up appointments may be scheduled by phone, video conference, or in-person.

Can you help me with my condition?

Brain reBuilder has helped people with many conditions including, but not limited to, alzheimers, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, stroke recovery, mobility concerns, allergies, gluten intolerance, and covid-related loss of taste and smell. We would love to hear more about your condition to assess whether you are a good fit for treatment. Please give us a call!

How long is the program?

The length of the content is 12 months, with new information presented each month. The information is presented in a format that is intended to be immediately usable. Cancel any time.

What is the time commitment?

It is estimated that you will need approximately 2 to 4 hours per week.

What topics are included?

The brain's environment, Brain requirements, Receptors and how to activate them, Thoughts, Significant pathways in the brain, Brain regions and functions, Testing the brain, Reflexes, Creating a therapy plan, Testing your therapy plan, and more...

Are trial memberships available?

We do not offer trial memberships, but you may cancel your membership at any time.

Will what I learn in the program help with issues other than anxiety?

Yes! You will learn to improve the overall functioning of your brain. This will help your anxiety, and will also improve many other things too (focus, energy, emotional control, etc...)

How long can I expect the improvements to last?

You will learn how to rebuild the connections in your brain. With these new connections, your brain will function in a better way. After that, the only way to lose these improvements is if you injure your brain or expose it to toxins. In other words, the changes are considered relatively permanent.

Is this bio-feedback or neuro-feedback?

Bio feedback and neurofeedback are promising fields, but OAP doesn't use these in any way.

Is this program primarily focused on changing your thoughts?

Changing your thoughts may be a very important part of overcoming your anxiety, and it certainly is covered. However, the primary focus is teaching you how to rebuild the connections in your brain so that your brain stops creating anxiety for you.

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