Pernicious Anemia and your brain

Anemia decreases nutrient availability in the brain and body

Pernicious anemia is vitamin b-12 deficiency anemia, which is the result of gut inflammation, Anemia decreases blood and oxygen flow to the brain and body, resulting in symptoms such as fatigue, digestive complaints, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, unsteadiness when walking, pale skin on cheeks and nail beds, tingling and numbness of hands and feet, loss of appetite, impaired sense of smell, and confusion. Because anemia decreases blood and oxygen flow to the brain, it needs to be resolved to allow the brain enough nutrients to maintain and rebuild its connections.

Most medical doctors temporarily relieve these symptoms using repeated intramuscular shots of vitamin b-12, which take about three months to begin working. Dr. Hogue prefers to treat pernicious anemia with food-based, non-synthetic vitamins.

Metabolism of vitamin b-12

Pernicious anemia is often caused by, for one reason or another, not having enough acid in the gut to metabolize b-12. Natural treatments include apple cider vinegar, taken daily in the amount of 1 Tbsp to 1 cup of water to increase the amount of stomach acid available to digest b-12. Other options include Zypan supplements, and b-12 Methylcobalamin. Zypan is a digestive aid consisting of enzymes which increase the stomach's ability to digest b-12. B-12 Methylcobalamin is a methylated b-12 supplement which provides b12 in a form that is easier to metabolize. Several of Dr. Hogues patients have had success using these methods.

Blood vessel diameter

Nitric oxide keeps blood cells at a healthy size. Too little of this nutrient, and blood cells shrink. This results in low blood and oxygen flow, and fatigue. Supplement manufacturers market arginine as the solution for lack of nitric oxide, but as an amino acid rather than a nitric oxide supplement, arginine falls short of solving this issue. Rather, Dr. Hogue suggests a more direct solution, Human-n brand beetroot, which works by way of having a high level of nitrates. In a pinch, he suggests a two minute cold shower before a brain rebuilder routine. This will shock the body, stimulating the circulatory system into overdrive, which will substantially increase blood and oxygen supply to your brain by getting your heart moving.

Lifestyle solutions

Occasionally, anemia is a lifestyle disease caused by lack of exercise, or simply not taking in enough iron or b-12. In these cases, dark leafy greens, healthy proteins, and cardiovascular exercise are the solution. Dark green vegetables and iron-rich foods will increase b-12 and iron intake naturally, while exercise increases blood vessel diameter and nitric oxide.

The diameter of your blood cells is directly related to the level of blood and oxygen within them. For this reason, pernicious anemia can be a barrier to improving brain functioning.

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