Improving brain function

Improving brain function requires Oxygen

Oxygen eliminates waste products from the brain

Lack of oxygen results in a buildup of waste products the brain needs support to eliminate. This build up often leads to circulatory issues, cancer, and brain cell damage or death. We at Brain reBuilder test oxygen levels and temperature to determine whether, and how much, it is necessary to increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain at its baseline.

Oxygen helps fuel the brain

To a certain extent, extra oxygen is always necessary when your brain is doing the extra work to rebuild and strengthen its connections. The harder your brain is working to build and rebuild, the more oxygen it requires. During sessions, we prefer to use a device called “The Breather” to help clients increase their oxygen levels during brain training.

There are several other techniques which clients may use during brain rebuilding exercises at home. You may use physical exercise, deep breathing exercises, supplements, and devices such as a spirometer, or “The Breather” to assist your brain in having the extra nutrients it needs to grow. For those who are able, an hour of physical exercise before a Brain reBuilding session will increase oxygen levels for the duration of the following rebuilding exercises. Other clients prefer certain breathing exercises, which are not only enough to provide extra blood and oxygen flow to the brain, but which also provide a complete exercise to your cardiovascular system. Another option is to try a product called Dr. Schulze’s Herbal Brain supplement, which increases oxygen levels for up to twenty minutes - enough time to complete a Brain reBuilder routine. By increasing oxygen levels and blood flow, your brain will be prepared to reBuild.

Pernicious Anemia and your brain

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